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The World’s Best Yoga Teacher

We Would Like To Introduce The World’s Best Yoga Teacher

Mr. Ian, YogaFX Founder & Hardworker

Ian from YogaFX is widely recognized as one of the best yoga teachers in the world, and for good reason. As the founder of YogaFX International Teacher Training Academy, his expertise and teaching abilities have gained global acclaim.

His training academy has been featured on BaliTV and various multimedia channels in the ASEAN Region, further establishing his reputation as a leading authority in the field.

With certification and registration (E-RYT 200) from Yoga Alliance International, Ian’s qualifications and credentials speak to his dedication and commitment to excellence.

Bikram Yoga Bali

Mr. Ian & Bikram Choudhury Relationship

  • Mr. Ian and Bikram met in Los Angeles 2012
  • Mr. Ian Continued to work with Bikram on Yoga Teacher Training
    throughout the media firestorm
  • (2015) Los Angeles, (2016) Thailand, (2017) India, (2018) Beijing and was heading to Mexico but then the earthquake, (2019) Spain (The Last Event)
  • Mr. Ian & Bikram Has maintained good personal & business relationships to this day.
  • Mr. Ian has attended over 260 Bikram Yoga Classes with Bikram Yoga Choudhary
  • Has attended 100’s Workshop and Posture Clinics during this time as a Bikram Yoga Teacher staff member
Bikram Yoga Bali

YogaFX Founder Spreads Inspiring Teachings Worldwide

His teaching locations span across the globe, including the UK, USA, Thailand, Philippines, Russia, India, Dubai, China, Bali, South Korea, New York, and Paris.

This extensive reach reflects the widespread demand for his teachings and the profound impact he has made on countless individuals around the world.

Mr. Ian’s Best Yoga Teacher experience

  • (2019 January) YogaFX Yoga Teacher Training RYT 200-Hours Bali
  • (2019 July) YogaFX Yoga Teacher Training RYT 200-Hours Bali
  • (2022 September) YogaFX Yoga Teacher Training RYT 200-Hours Bali
  • (2022 October) International Yoga Event In Villa IPSA Buleleng 250+ Participants

Upcomings 2023 Events

  • (2023 January) YogaFX Yoga Teacher Training RYT 200-Hours Bali
  • (2023 February) International Yoga Event In Villa IPSA Buleleng
  • (2023 March) International Yoga Event In Batam 800 participants
  • (2023 March) Manchester UK YogaFX Yoga Teacher Training RYT 200-Hours
  • (2023 April) Indonesian Yoga Event In Villa IPSA Buleleng 300+ Participants
  • (2023 May) Launch RYT 200-Hrs Certification, 100-Hrs Certification, 50-Hrs
  • (2023 June) International Day Of Yoga Bali 5.000+ Participants
  • (2023 July) Manchester UK YogaFX Yoga Teacher Training RYT 200-Hours

Created & Produced Premium Online Best Yoga Teacher Lecture Series

  • (2020) Set-up YogaFX Online Yoga Teacher Training RYT 200-Hours Bali
  • (2021) Production Of 50+ High-Quality Teacher Training Lectures

Top Reason Why Ian is The World’s Best Yoga Teacher

Bikram Yoga Bali

Deep Expertise

With 2000+ teaching hours and certifications as a Bikram Yoga Certified Teacher and Yoga Alliance Teacher (E-RYT 200), Mr. Ian brings extensive knowledge to his classes.

Passionate Teaching

Mr Ian’s passion for yoga ignites inspiration and transformation in his students.

Personalized Approach

Tailoring his guidance to individual needs, Mr. Ian provides personalized support for each student’s yoga journey.

Bikram Yoga Bali

Holistic Teaching

Going beyond postures, Mr. Ian incorporates life coaching, philosophy, and mindfulness for a well-rounded experience.

Positive Environment

Mr. Ian fosters a positive and inclusive space where students feel supported and encouraged.

Global Impact

With teaching locations worldwide and a diverse student community, Mr. Ian has made a global impact on the yoga community.

Bikram Yoga Bali

Professionalism and Organization

Mr. Ian’s courses are praised for their professionalism and organized structure.

Inspirational Leadership

Mr. Ian’s leadership inspires students to push beyond their limits and unlock their full potential.

Life-Changing Experience

Students describe Mr. Ian’s teachings as transformative, profoundly impacting their well-being.