Yoga Teacher Training Bali

International Day of Yoga Bali
November 26, 2019
Bikram Yoga Teacher Training
Bikram Yoga Teacher Training
September 10, 2020

Yoga Teacher Training Bali

bikram yoga teacher

Relax, revive, restore at Bikram Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Getting pressure from work, finance, and relationship can impact our everyday lives and raise anxiety, which makes people looking for natural alternatives to relieve stress and tension.

As an ancient tradition, Yoga has stood the test of time as a form of meditation and an exercise to relieve unnecessary anxiety. However, who has the time for a lengthy yoga class?!

But, don’t you worry! YogaFX can give you the ultimate hot yoga experience by blending elements of Bikram yoga, Hatha yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and pilates.

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The philosophy of Yoga

The ancient philosophy of Yoga believes that the human body has a network of energy. The universal energy naturally flows and acts as a link between body and mind. However, anxiety can block this energy and cause imbalance. For centuries, Yoga has been practiced to release stress and restore balance and energy flow within the mind and body.

With regulated breathing and calming the mind through meditation, yoga can be a great help in stress relief, depression, and anxiety.

In a study about the effects of yoga by St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center USA, 35 trials addressing Yoga’s impact on anxiety and stress, while 25 trials claim that there is a significant decrease in pressure or anxiety symptoms.

How does hot yoga help?

With regulated breathing and relaxation techniques, hot Yoga cleanses your body, brain, and nervous system. Blood with fresh oxygen will flow through your body, fills you with a renewed energy and sense of well-being. By practicing a few poses regularly, you can unlock your inner-strength and calm your anxiety. It makes you able to cope with the frustrations and fears.

Above all, Yoga will teach you to consciously calm your mind with a quiet and complete relaxation meditation. Moreover, Hot Yoga enhances your body and mind by giving more profound relaxation.

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