Bikram Yoga Ubud To Improve Your Sex

Bikram Yoga Canggu For Your Fat Burning
April 24, 2017
Bikram Yoga Ubud For Your Bad Posture
April 24, 2017

Bikram Yoga Ubud To Improve Your Sex

Start the New Month with a BANG!

At BikramYogaFX, Canggu’s

New Yoga studio


Let’s be honest, who isn’t interested in adding a little extra sparkle to their sex life?


But little did you know, yoga is touted as the number one exercise for increasing libido — in both men and women.


Sensual yoga, sensual you

As we all are aware, sexual wellbeing is intertwined with health and vitality – tend to one, and the other will thrive. Thankfully Yoga FX, now open in the heart of Canggu, is here to help!

Bikram yoga rejuvenates all your vital organs –revitalising your energy and increasing sex drive. With YogaFX, your bedroom-boost is only a click away.

Claim your free class pass NOW to try it for yourself!


Come, tell me more!

There are a multitude of ways that Bikram yogafx will benefit life in the bedroom.

Physically, the increased blood-flow and improved circulation pumps extra energy-boosting oxygen through the body, especially in that essential pelvic area. And with plenty of poses that target all pelvic floor muscles, plus increasing flexibility and endurance through exercise, your mojo will be swiftly reignited and have you sprinting home for a session between the sheets.


Mentally, yoga calms and clears the mind, allowing you to relax and quell any chatter that clutters the mind. Plus, bringing greater body awareness, yoga also boosts your self-confidence and makes you more in-tune with your body, all of which are essential for sexual performance and absolute sensuality.

Blend these elements together, and you have a LIBIDO-BOOSTING firecracker of a workout… all available on your doorstep at YogaFX, the hottest yoga studio in Seminyak,Ubud,Legian,Sanur and Canggu!



Just for the girls…

Combine deeper flexibility, stronger pelvic floor muscles, and increased blood flow to the pelvic area, and what do you get? You’ve got it… more intense, powerful orgasms.

And what causes all those things? You’ve got it again… yoga.

With nothing to lose, and a lot to gain, our premier Canggu yoga studio could be exactly the boost you’ve been looking for!



And now for the guys…

OK, so we all know you are already perfectly well endowed. But if there was something very simple that you could do to lead to an increase in erection size, would you try it?

Through better circulation, Bali-Hot Yoga naturally increases nitric oxide production in the body, which is basically what Viagra does. Just try a class for FREE and see the benefits for yourself!


Take me now…

Yes, that is what our free class passes are saying! Download one here NOW to get your steam on today.  Plus YogaFX is offering a 10% discount for couples that join together, so double the pleasure and claim your Free 1 Day Guest Pass NOW!


We provide all yoga mats and towels, in a brand spanking new, contemporary environment, with showers and all the facilities of a premier fitness studio. Simply jump online and try it for yourself… TODAY!

Bikram Canggu Studio

Claim Your FREE 1 DAY Guest Pass Now

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