Bikram Yoga Legian To Fix Sports Injury

Bikram Yoga Sanur To Stay Young
April 29, 2017
Bikram Yoga Legian For Toned Muscle
April 29, 2017

Bikram Yoga Legian To Fix Sports Injury

Be On Top Of Your Game, with YogaFX

 In The Heart Of Canggu Bali


Whether you are struggling with a recurring injury, or simply determined to stay on top of your game, like many athletes across the globe, turning to hot yoga for help might be the perfect remedy to get you match-fit.


Sporting stars love hot yoga

Swimming legend, Stephanie Rice is a regular hot yoga student, using it to not only stay trim but also for staying focused in the pool.  Soccer star Ryan Giggs also attributes his hugely successful and very lengthy career to regularly practising yoga,  following a series of almost career-breaking hamstring injuries. Even Kiwi rugby legends Shaun Johnson and captain Simon Mannering have proclaimed the positive effects of hot yoga on their rugby training. As team trainer Ruben Wiki stated, hot yoga was one of the toughest exercises he had ever done, saying,  “Yoga’s tough Bro!”.Not to mention countless surfing and tennis stars including  Kelly Slater ,Serina,Dokovik ect ect

The warm temperature in a Bali-hot yoga studio builds strength, encourages weight loss and increases endurance, all whilst delivering a challenging and rewarding yoga class.

We are so sure that our YogaFX hot yoga classes will have you at the top of your game, we are giving away your first class completely for FREE – no strings. Simply  CLAIM  your FREE yoga class NOW!!


Can YogaFX Bali really speed up recovery from sports injuries?

Yes it can! Yoga can be a tremendous supplement to traditional recovery methods such as physiotherapy, to speed up recovery from any strain on the body. And as a very effective, yet gentle exercise,YOGA IS FABULOUS for getting you back in shape after a sports injury.

Bali-Hot(NO ELECTRIC MUNCHING HEATERS-enviromentally positive ) yogafx Canggu can speed up the recovery process in a number of ways:

By improving circulation, yoga pumps oxygen-rich blood to the muscles, and by gently increasing flexibility and stability, injuries are stretched, strengthened and supported. Plus, similar to pilates, the core strength that regular yoga practice builds can greatly speed up recovery from back injuries and hamstring injuries.


Bali-Hot YogaFX Canggu For Preventing Injuries

Yoga is fast becoming one of the most popular activities to be added to a training schedule, as a method of preventing injury, enhancing training and keeping your muscles resilient.


By loosening tight muscles, yoga improves mobility, giving a greater range of motion, and enhances performance — you can reach further, train harder and minimise injury. Yoga also strengthens deep connective tissue, improves balance, boosts circulation, and builds concentration and focus.

Plus, relieving tension from muscles, yoga can speed up recovery after a tough workout.

Yoga can also help to level out muscle weaknesses that sometimes occur in athletes of one-sided sport such a squash or tennis.


Sounds great, but why YogaFX?

There’s no burning incense, no whale music, and no trickling fountain in the corner.

YogaFX is simply about optimum health and fitness, and serious rejuvenation.

Taking elements from pilates, bikram yoga, ashtanga yoga and hatha yoga, YogaFX takes the best of the best, all blended into the perfect workout.

Ready to try more?CLAIM YOUR FREE 1 DAY GUEST PASS making it even easier to get started on your road to recovery.

Our premier studio can supply everything you need… towel, mats, as well as brand spanking new showers and change facilities.


YogaFX, in the heart of Canggu Bali… You’ll love it!




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