Bikram YogaFX Canggu – Yoga For Men Bali

YogaFX International Yoga Teacher Training Academy Bali
Bikram YogaFX Bali Canggu – Stress Buster
April 14, 2017
YogaFX International Yoga Teacher Training Academy Bali
Bikram YogaFX Canggu – Yoga For Beginners Bali
April 14, 2017

Bikram YogaFX Canggu – Yoga For Men Bali

YogaFX International Yoga Teacher Training Academy Bali

Real Men Do Bikram YogaFX in Canngu…

We’ve all heard about it.

Wives, girlfriends, sisters, or the ever-increasing bounty of sports stars crediting their success to it… but seriously, what is the fuss about yoga?

From Andy Murray, David Beckham, Novac Djokovic, Evander Hollyfield, to Ryan Giggs,Kelly Slater and the entire All Blacks Team… it seems like recently, every guy on the planet is raving about how great yoga is for getting you to the top of your gameincreasing endurance, improving mental focus and toning muscle.

Because, yoga is no longer this mysterious activity involving bendy girls in tights, nor is it the smelly-hippy guru-swarmi bollocks we all presumed.

Instead, PROFESSIONAL BUSINESSMEN and surfers in their droves are starting to cotton on to the fact that yoga really is great for staying trim, enhancing performance, and sculpting muscle, as well as truly focusing the mind… something that is essential in modern business today.

Plus, whilst heart disease remains the number one killer in men across Australia, a recent study in the US has shown that regular yoga practice for a minimum of 10 weeks can improve pulmonary function. Yoga really can improve your heart health!

We are so certain YogaFX will revolutionise your training and your fitness, we are giving away your first class for FREE! Simply jump onto our booking page and grab a free pass today, to try it for yourself!

Bikram YogaFX – THE yoga for men,and surfers .

Put simply… YogaFX has taken all the fluff out of traditional yoga, and designed the ultimate workout. 

A hot yoga routine that will push your cardio to its limit whilst sculpting your whole body, all whilst delivering a brutal stretch this hot yoga session is not for the feint hearted. Plus, the natural Bali-hot room at say 30 degrees gives your muscles greater flexibility, allowing you to push those tired stiff muscles ever harder.

FEELING STRESSED? Unlike the ladies who handle their stress outwardly, us guys tend to store all our stress internally, in a most unhealthy way. This can result in poor sleep, loss of concentration, hitting the beers, and generally feeling shitty. With a focus on deep breathing and a calm mind, a Bikram bali-Hot YogaFX  class will alleviate this stress, teaching you to clear your thoughts and better manage your stress. Away from the computer screens and stress of the office, you can revitalize, breathe deeply and refocus for the rest of the day.

Supplementing your regular training with hot yoga will also give you a step up in the weights room. Engaging every muscle in the body, hot yoga provides you with the stability, endurance, more efficient breathing volume and accelerated recovery — allowing your muscles to become stronger and scuplted… faster.

Cheaper than a six-pack

Our FREE 1 DAY GUEST PASS is the perfect way to get started. Cheaper than a couple of beers.

With no contracts, no queues, just turn up, grab your mat and go !

With no kaftans, no whale music, and definitely no instructors called Harmony or Tinkerbell…

YogaFX is a serious hot yoga workout for body and mind.

Still think yoga is wimpy? Prove it – come and try it for yourself!

Take the YogaFX challenge today in Bali’s premier hot yoga studio.

Opening Soon right in the heart of Canggu. Dont Miss Out !!



Study: ‘The Effects of Regular Yoga Practice on Pulmonary Function in Health Individuals’; Abel AN, Lloyd LK, Williams JS; Texas State University, TX, USA. Sept 14, 2012.

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