Bikram Yoga Canggu For Your Stress

Bikram YogaFX Canggu – Yoga For Your PMS
April 14, 2017
Bikram Yoga Canggu For Your Fat Burning
April 24, 2017

Bikram Yoga Canggu For Your Stress

Swim suits? Power lunch? Power Hour… At Bikram Yoga Canggu Bali!

Fitting everything into our busy lives often feels impossible. With work, relationships, friendships, as well as squeezing in the occasional bit of ‘me’ time, our lives are often a blur of meetings, rushed appointments and commuting.


Because of this, many people are now looking for alternative forms of exercise… something that can fit in with today’s busy lifestyle.

Thankfully, Bikram YogaFX is now running express bali-hot yoga classes, right on your doorstep in the heart of Canggu Bali… offering for a total body workout for busy professionals.

Come and experience a metabolism-boosting, immunity-building, body-strengthening, tissue-regenerating, heart-pumping workout, All in one short hour!

Plus our 1 Day Free Guest Pass,make it the perfect introduction to all the ways that hot yoga could improve your life. Just grab 1 Day Free Guest Pass TODAY!


How does Bikram Yoga Canggu Bali work?

Targeting muscular strength, flexibility and endurance, the combination of vigorous poses practiced in the 36 degree room of a hot yoga class has a rejuvenating effect, stimulating every part of your body.

YogaFX is a form of hatha yoga that borrows elements from pilates, bikram yoga and ashtanga yoga.  There is a significant emphasis on working the core and building functional strength by using your body weight as resistance.  Holding the poses raises your heart rate whilst the heated room optimises flexibility, allowing you to work your muscles and joints through a healthy range of motion.

A Bikra YogaFX  yoga class is suitable for beginners through to more advanced practitioners.  It is progressive with modifications for all of the poses – so you can challenge yourself with every class. You will walk away from the workout feeling revitalised and ready to tackle whatever life has in store for you.


How will it fit around everything else in my life?

Easy!  We understand that time is precious, so we offer classes throughout the day — every day — working with your busy schedule. Take a class before work and start your day feeling fresh and energised, or come along during your lunch break or after work to sweat the stresses away.


We’ve designed our  yoga classes with only YOU in mind. Stripping away all the fluff of a traditional yoga class – which can be up to 30% of the time – we’ve taken the best and most important bits, and designed a targeted routine where you get the very best out of every minute you are exercising.


Ideal for busy professionals, BikramYoga FX is conveniently located in jl Berewa Canggu , just steps away from most beaches and cafes, making it simple for you to reap the benefits of INCREASED QUALITY OF SLEEP, decreased stress, and renewed vitality — all in an easy 60 minute class.

In fact, we are so confident that you’ll love it, that your first class is free!

JUST CLAIM your free class pass today!


Our brand new contemporary Bikram yoga studio in Canggu provides a hygienic environment, as well as yoga mats, towels, modern showers and change facilities. All you have to do is bring water and some lightweight clothing!  Because classes can get busy, and optimum benefits will be felt with three classes a week.



Relax, revive, restore, today, at Sydney’s revolutionary hot yoga studio… YogaFX.

Bikram Canggu Studio

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