Bikram YogaFX Bali Canggu – Stress Buster

YogaFX Canggu For Core Strength
February 6, 2017
YogaFX International Yoga Teacher Training Academy Bali
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April 14, 2017

Bikram YogaFX Bali Canggu – Stress Buster

YogaFX International Yoga Teacher Training Academy Bali

The Ultimate Canngu Bali stress-buster… Bikram YogaFX, 

Canngu’s  Brand New Hot Yoga Studio

Life can certainly be stressful sometimes. 

Not just the daily pressures of work, commuting and home life, occasionally life can throw extra things our way that add to the stress — such as moving house, relationship troubles, or financial pressures.

Ancient yoga is based on the principle that shallow rapid breaths are often the result as well as the cause of stress. Hence with its emphasis on controlled movements, slowed breathing and standstill meditation poses, yoga has long been promoted as an excellent remedy for stress.

Bikram YogaFX is now offering quick and easy solution to your stress by running regular hot yoga classes right on your doorstep, in Canngu. Our 60 minute sessions at our brand new hot yoga studio will relax your mind and rejuvenate your body, allowing you to calmly get on with your day. Takes all the stress out of trying our hot yoga classes! Just jump in and CLAIM a free class pass, to try it for your yourself… for FREE!

How does Bali-hot yoga help with stress?

By exercising both your body and your mind, the benefits of hot yoga are numerous. Within weeks you will experience reduced stress, better sleep, as well as LOWERED CORTISOL LEVELS – the stress hormone. In fact, researchers from the Thomas Jefferson University in the US have discovered that following just one 50 minute session of yoga, cortisol levels dropped significantly, even in those that were trying yoga for the very first time.

Practiced regularly, hot yoga will also lower your heart rate, balance your blood pressure and by promoting the release of endorphins, will give you an overall sense of well-being and calm.

During a session of hot yoga, harmful toxins are flushed from your body through sweat, at the same time your whole system is revitalized and re-hydrated with the massive amounts of pure water you drink before, during and after your class.

The sequence of poses in a Bikram YogaFX hot yoga class are specifically designed to flow from one to the next, acting as a ‘a ‘tourniquet and release’, alternating between flushing the body and relaxing the body, by stimulating the pressure points.

Yoga will also teach you to focus the mind and clear from busy, chatter and distracting thoughts — an invaluable skill that can easily transfer into your everyday life, allowing you to better manage stress and face problems.

Now research also indicates that yoga can be effective for reducing stress, alleviating back pain, and improving psychological well-being. In a 2012 study in London, that compared a group of people regularly practicing yoga, and a group not practicing yoga,  the yoga group scores were significantly lower for perceived stress, back pain, sadness and hostility, and substantially higher for feeling self-assured, attentive and serene.

I’d love to try it, what now?

Our offer of a 1 DAY GUEST PASS, removes any stress from your wallet!

Our brand new Bali- hot yoga studio in Canggu  can provide everything you need for each class — mats, towels, as well as lockers and contemporary showers and change facilities. Just bring lightweight clothing and water.

Relax, revive, restore TODAY with YogaFX.



Occup Med (Lond): Study, Yoga for reducing perceived stress and back pain at work. Source, Centre for Health Economics and Medicines Evaluation, Bangor University, Bangor, Gwynedd, UK. Dec 6, 2012.

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